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Greenfiled, Susan A.,
The human brain, A Guided Tour,
ISBN 0-465-00726-0, Basic Books

The human brain, A Guided Tour What would you see if you removed the skull from the human brain and then slowly worked your way deeper and deeper inside, to the level of an individual neuron? 

With celebrated researcher and lecturer Susan A. Greenfield as an expert guide, readers gain an up-close and personal view of the human brain - what it is, how it works, what happens when one part of it becomes dysfunctional through stroke or accident, how mood-modifying drugs find their targets, and even a singularly detailed look at the developing brain from the moment of conception. Throughout, the author poses larger questions all readers would want to consider: At what stage does individuality creep into the developing brain? How does the collection of circuits of neurons give rise not just to an individual brain but an individual consciousness? What might a fetus be conscious of? Susan Greenfield offers answers that make The Human Brain an enlightening and diverting read.