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Hendrix, Harville en Helen Hunt,
Giving the love that heals, how to improve the relationship with your children,
ISBN 074991839-X, Simon & Schuster New York

Giving the Love that Heals presents a revolutionary vision of parenting that will transform you parent-child relationships. Parenthood is the most difficult, frustrating, exciting and rewarding eperience in the world. But nobody teaches us how to do it. Instead we unconsciously re-enact the way we were parented ourselves. And where we tend to have difficulties in our parenting is where our own parents had problems when we were children. Instead of responding to what our children require, we respond to our own unmet needs - and as a result the needs of our child go unmet. You can't give what you yourself did not receive.

Giving the Love that Heals shows you how to improve your parenting skills. It will help you to heal past wounds from your own upbringing and stop yourself inflicting the same wounds on your children. It also teaches new ways to communicate with our children, and provides a comprehensive guide to the various stages of development that all children go through so that you can offer the safety, support and structure that they need at each stage.