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Kealoha Yardley, Laura,
The Heart of Huna,
ISBN 0-9623272-1-2, Advanced Neuro Dynamics, Hawai

The Heart of Huna The ancient Hawaiian Kahuna guarded the secrets of esoteric knowledge concerning the universe. This knowledge enabled them to perform anazing feats of healing and magic. In the late eighteenth century, the Hawaiian Islands were invaded by the white man and the Kahuna all but vanished.

It was not until 1920 that a Westerner, Max Freedom Long, began the painstaking research necessary to revive the dying Kahun knowledge. By deciphering the code within the Hawaiian laguage, Long unlocked the secret mysteries and opened the doors for Kahunaism to the Western world. His work serves as a model for the Huna Code.
Huna is one of the oldest and most thorough of the ancient psychological and religious systems that has endured until the present day. The Heart of HUNA presents an overview and an introduction to this ancient secret science, as rediscovered by Long.
In addition, The Heart of HUNA sets forth for the first time ever, the teachings of the most highly regarded Kahuna of recent time. David Bray, Sr. (1889-1968) was the last of the publicly practicing initiated Hawaiian Kanuna. He dedicated his life to teach Westerners the Hawaiian ways and serves as a model of a Hawaiian Kahuna.