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Satir, Virginia,
The new peoplemaking,
ISBN 0-8314-0070-6, Haddon Craftsmen

The new peoplemaking When Peoplemaking was first published in 1972, I invited readers to share their responses to the book and their experiences with it. As a result, I have received hundreds of letters, each containing something useful: thoughtful reflections, impressions, questions, suggestions, and constructive criticisms. People requested new topics as well as an expansion and clarification of old ones.

This revision is my response to you, the readers. You asked me to discuss:
Life in the older years: retirement and transitions
Peace in the world
I have added these as new chapters.
You also asked for a deepening of understanding of one-parent, blended, and gay-parent families; healthy pairing; sexuality; and the family of the future. I am adding what I have learned in these past fifteen years, weaving it into the fabric of ixisting chapters. This book cannot do justice to the full range of concerns in these families, however, and I refer you to the bibliography for further information.