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Van Raalte, Judy L. & Britton W. Brewer,
Exploring Sport and Exercise Psychology,
ISBN 1557988862, American Psychological Association

Judy L. Van Raalte and Britton W. Brewer's Exploring Sport and Exercise Psychology, Second Edition, is an excellent and user-friendly resource for professionals working in applied settings as well as for others who desire an overview of this exciting profession. Contributing authors are recognized authorities and are equally active in their respective content areas. Each chapter provides extensive references that will be helpful to those who are either interested or active in doing further research. The unique blend of addressing specific areas of what sport psychologists do, the growing diversity of where these areas can be applied, how one can pursue a career in this field, and the legal and professional issues facing this field all provide a far-reaching and comprehensive of how the field of sport and exercise psychology is evolving. In the spirit of ongoing exploration, Van Raalte and Brewer have provided a solid foundation for further discovery.

Jim Bauman, PhD, Sport Psychology Services
U.S. Olympic Training Center, Chula Vista, CA