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Bowen, Boone,
The Great Writtengs in Management and Oranizational Behavior,
ISBN 394-36099-0, Random house,Business Division

The Great Writing in Management and Organizational Behavior, Second Edition brings together in one volume the classic writtings of our era. But the book is more than a collection of classic writtings; it is a complete teaching/learning package. This pedagogically sound text is a unique offering for both student and professor. This is accomplished by: -beginning each selection with a biographical sketch and photo of the outhor(s); - preceding each selection with a "Preview" - an extensive outline of the materials covered in the selection; - following each selection with a "Learning Review"- a programmed self-test to permit the student to assess his of her retention of important concepts developed in the selection; - ending each selection with a "Retrospective Comment," in which the author of the selection is asked to update his or her writting by reflecting upon how environmental changes, as well as other scholarly work since publication, would affect the final product were he or she to write the article again. (In the case of a deceased author, a prominent scholar writes a "Guest Expert's Note" for the selection.); - offering the instructor a comprehensive package containing: article summaries; correlation matrix for leading management and organizational behavior texts; true-false questions; multiple choice questions; discussion questions and answers. The selections contained in The Great Writtings in Management and Organizational Behavior, Second Edition are works with shich every serious student of management and organizational behavior should be familiar. The Great Writtings belons in the library of all managers who consider themselves professionals with a hertige of classical management literature.