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Bandler, Richard,
Time for a change,
ISBN 0-916990-28-1, Meta Publications

Time for a change Richard Bandler's latest book will give you new ways to do deeper, more effective hypnotic and belief work with yourself and clients. The light and entertaining style sustained throughout the book belies the density of the presentation. Bandler describes belief and hypnosis as closely related allies in healing and transformation. Through hypnosis we can create powerful beliefs, and beliefs are "the express train to deep hypnosis." His NLP attitude installation, in the first chapter, works impressively well. Readers progress systematically to develop the skills necessary to build our own mind machine. You can automatically change destructive beliefs to doubts, and replace them with valuable beliefs, as fast as you can find them. Later chapters polish off hypnosis with Bandler's "favorite hypnotic phenomenon," time distortion. He gives us surprising ways to elicit and apply them. He leads us beyond hypnosis to hyperesthesia. Have you ever been lusciously aware of every detail of an overwhelming sunset or symphony or massage? Would you like that to happen more? Finally, and too soon, the book ckoses with suggestions. By following the last instructions we can design whole new kinds of good feelings to enjoy and new states of consciousness to explore... if you have time.