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Where were you on Septemer 11, 2001? When you first heard the news of the devastating attack on the World Trade Center, what did ou think, feel, and do? Traumatic events tend to trigger the most primal emotional patterns in people-anger, sorrow, despair, grief, vengeance, or rage-causing many to become ineffective, fearful, and unresourceful.

On September 11, 2001 Anthony Robbins was in Hawaii conducting his leadership conference for 2000 people from 39 countries around the world. More than 50 participants found out that they had lost family members, loved ones, and entire businesses that morning. Diverse emotional responses within the entire group ranged from absolute hopelessness to celebration.

In order to bring together this group of diverse nationalities, religious beliefs, and political convictions, Robbins called two participants onstage: a New York Jew who would have otherwise been in the World Trade Center that day and a Pakistani Muslim who identified with the extremists responsible for the attacks. Captured live in this film, the process Robbins used to resolve their internal and external conflicts not only created an environment of peace but is now being utilized to impact people aroud the world.
Cloe Madanes reveals how Robbins used leadership skills, indirect negotiation methodology, and the principles of natural psychology to realign the entire group and transform the individuals involved. Discover how you can use the same tools to actively support, influence, and lead those around you - either in an advanced format designed for psychotherapists or in a practical setting for parents, business professionals, and anyone else interested in negotioating conflict, setting higher standards of leadership, or creating lasting change in themselves and others.