Geef je carrière een boost!


Imagine you've built your company from zero to a $24 million dollar dynasty. You're the best in the world at what you do, you're contributing to your community,and, best of all, you've made it financially. You're riding the late-1990's investment wave in technology stocks, and you begin to think your strategy is genius.

Conquering Overwhelming Loss: Rediscovering a Compelling Future All until one moment, one day, everything changes. Within 72 hours, you find you've lost everything - your company, your welth, and your marriage. You're down to your last $400. What do you do - especially if you care about others and you feel responsible for having lost all their money as well? This is the real story of Jim, who came up with a unique plan to solve this challenge. If he committed suicide, he felt confident his insurance policy could give back to his family and friends everything he had taken from them. That's before a one-hour conversation - an intervention by Anthony Robbins.

While you personally may not have lost everything financially, we all experience loss throughout our life. How we deal with it shapes our distiny. Some losses we simply shrug off, others penetrate us, and others devastate us. The losses that affect us the most are the ones we attach to our identity. In this film you'll learn the tools to turn around any form of loss, whether it be financial, the loss of a relationship, a loved one, a business, or an income.
Featuring a play-by-play analysis by world-renowned trainer of theratpists and systemic thinker Cloe Madanes, this film offers you specific strategies to get out of despair and into a problem-solving frame of mind to regenerate a compelling future.